All Confederate, All the time — No apologies.
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About Us

About Us

Confederate Outfitters was born in the wake of opposition to our country's Southern Heritage.  Since the controversy began, stores nationwide have been banning the sale of items related to the Confederate South and it's history.  We say no.  No you won't erase our past.  No you won't tell me what flag I can and can't fly.  No you won't tell me it's all about hate when it has nothing to do with it.

The South has been through a lot and we're not about to let anyone tell us what's right and what's wrong...especially outsiders.

Stand with us in keeping our Heritage alive!  

What we sell...

We are fairly new store, but we're not new to selling top quality products.  At Confederate Outfitters you can expect to see a wide variety of items, most of which are requested by our fans.  Everything from Bumper Stickers to T-shirts to Flags and a whole lot more.  If there is a product you would like to see us promote and carry, please let us know at

What we believe...

We are firm believers in Freedom of Speech, The Right to Bear Arms, and the possibility that this Great Country of ours will remain great so long as we all stand together.  We will not let our forefathers sacrifices die in vain.  We will stand for our freedom and independence.



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